On the Trail of the Vikings

11 Days / 10 Nights Iceland-Greenland Cruise

Follow the same Viking trail from Iceland to South Greenland made famous by Viking explorer Erik the Red 900 years ago.  Discover Iceland's exotic birdlife in Breidafjordur Bay, unspoiled nature and solitude in the Westfjords and fascinating volcanic archipelago of the Westman Islands. Our exploration of Greenland provides access to Viking Age sir, and inland ice cap, fertile coastal valleys with quaint sheep farms, deep blue fjords, and multi-colored icebergs from calving glaciers


Starting from EUR 2,495 per person (triple occupancy) / EUR 3,395 (double occupancy)

Included in the price

  • accommodation in booked cabin category
  • all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • coffee, tea, and water
  • Iceland ProCruises wind jacket
  • all presentations from cruise staff and guest speakers
  • onboard entertainment program
  • useage of gym facilities

Onthetrailofthevikings day1

Use your leisure time in Reykjavík to uncover the unique charm of the world’s northernmost capital or book one of our pre-programmes for a unique Iceland experience. The OCEAN DIAMOND docks in Old Reykjavík Harbor in the heart of the city, a five minute stroll to the main squares, shopping and dining. The ship departs Reykjavík harbor at 8 p.m.     

Onthetrailofthevikings day2

We begin our exploration of Snaefellsnes Peninsula from the cheerful town of Stykkisholmur in West Iceland. The peninsula is dominated by Snaefellsnes National Park which represents nearly every type of nature seen in Iceland. Adventurous spirits may opt to join an expedition to Snaefellsjökull glacier which sits atop a 700,000 year old dormant volcano and served as the mystical entrance to earth’s interior in Jules Verne’s novel, ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’.     

Onthetrailofthevikings day3

Today‘s destination is Isafjördur, honorary capital of the Westfjords. This secluded peninsula is connected to the mainland by only a narrow strip of land and includes areas where cars have never been. The landscape provides jaw-dropping views of dramatic fjords carved by ancient glaciers, sheer table mountains plunging into the sea and untouched vegetation. Enjoy the rarity of pure silence and the tranquility of nature while sea-fishing or watching thousands of puffins on the tiny island of Vigur, or visiting the massive cascade of Dynjandi waterfall.     

Onthetrailofthevikings day4

Today we sail across the Denmark Strait towards Greenland, following the same maritime route used by Norse settlers more than 900 years ago. Enroute you can attend fascinating presentations by our Expedition Team members.     

Onthetrailofthevikings day5

When conditions are favorable we travel along the 70 mile long (112 km) Prins Christian Sound which connects the Labrador and Irminger Seas. In this narrow, often ice-choked channel, we come so close to icebergs you can almost reach out and touch one. The force of Greenland’s massive, inland ice cap pushes glaciers towards the sea, where large hunks of ice break off and become floating icebergs.      

Onthetrailofthevikings day6

Early morning we reach Qaqortoq, South Greenland‘s largest town. Located on an iceberg filled bay surrounded by countless colourful houses, Qaqortoq is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Greenland. Don’t miss the outdoor art installation “Stone and Man,” which was conceptualized by local artist Aka Høegh and comprises granite sculptures and reliefs by 18 Nordic artists located throughout the city centre. In the afternoon we visit the well-preserved ruins of one of the first Christian churches on the North American continent - Hvalsey Church.      

Onthetrailofthevikings day7

Today we reach the small settlement of Qassiarsuk, founded by notorious Viking Erik the Red who named this area “green land” because of the inviting green valleys around Qassiarsuk. During our stop here you can learn about the lives of the island’s early Norse settlers and visit a reconstructed Viking longhouse and small turf church.      

Onthetrailofthevikings day8and9

With Iceland set in our sights we cross the Denmark Strait again heading east. Review the impressions of the last days or visit interesting lectures presented by our Expedition Team. Keep your eyes open for whales, dolphins and seabirds!      

Onthetrailofthevikings day10

Located off the coast of South Iceland, the island group Vestmannaeyjar was formed by submarine volcanic eruptions 10,000 years ago. Surtsey Island emerged from the sea in 1963 and is the youngest place on earth. We go ashore on Heimaey, the only inhabited island of the archipelago. Here the evidence of Iceland’s volcanic fury is on full display with half-buried houses in ash from a violent eruption in 1973 when the entire island had to be evacuated. An epic experience here is to play a round of golf in a sunken volcanic crater.      

Onthetrailofthevikings day11

In the morning we return to the port of Reykjavík. After breakfast it’s time to bid farewell to the OCEAN DIAMOND. Extend your stay in Iceland and book one of our post-cruise programmes or explore Reykjavík and the surrounding area on your own. This chic capital of friendly citizens is the perfect city for those who want to refresh the spirit and combine invigorating activity, good food, nature appreciation and worldclass cultural entertainment.      

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