Classic Voyage North | Norway

Classic Voyage North

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From the fjords to the High Arctic - the essence of Norway’s appeal is remarkably simple: This is one of the most beautiful countries on earth.


  • Experience Norway's coastal route with 34 ports
  • See small towns and witness authentic Norway
  • Enjoy the Arctic Circle crossing and special celebration
  • Choose from 50+ excursions
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An ‘Expedition’ experience - enjoy unique excursions, expert lectures and activities.

The best blend of nature, culture, sightseeing, and activities for all levels.

Surround yourself with the splendor and charm of the nostalgic maritime era of the 60s.

The High North is a special place. This is where you find the wild beauty of the Lofoten Islands and the Lyngen Alps. And there is more than wilderness: You will enjoy the atmosphere and culture of towns such as Bergen, Ålesund, and Tromsø – all steeped in coastal history. The voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes takes you from the 60th to the 70th latitude on a 7-day tour de force. Advancing north, a constantly-changing landscape unfolds before you with each view being more beautiful and dramatic than the one before it. Kirkenes – our final destination – is right on the Russian border. We’re actually as far east as St. Petersburg. 


On our way we turn to the magnificent North Cape, where we stop for a closer look. We stop to marvel at the enchanting Art Nouveau architecture of Ålesund; call on Trondheim, where history meets tomorrow’s science and technology; sail along the Helgeland coast and the Seven Sisters; go by the Lofoten Islands, where alpine peaks rise high straight out of the sea; and visit Tromsø, a polar hub and the largest town north of the Arctic Circle. 


No matter what time of year you travel with Hurtigruten, you will be surrounded by natural wonders whenever you turn your head, both before and after we cross the Arctic Circle, which is south of Bodø, and roughly halfway in to our voyage. From November to March, we can be met by wintry conditions right from the start. The days grow shorter, and the vastness of the Arctic night starts making its impact on your senses. Everything slows down to the soundtrack of the distant murmur from the ship’s engine.

Voyage Itinerary

The Voyage North (Bergen-Kirkenes) is perfect for culture seekers with a little more time in the cities and towns that make this part of the world so unique. Daytime visits include visits to the cities of Ålesund, Trondheim and Tromsø.

Day 1:Bergen

The 12-day Classic Roundtrip Voyage starts in Bergen, a city surrounded by seven mountains. Before your departure, you may wish to explore this cultural gateway to the fjords.

Day 2:Florø - Molde

We continue north to Ålesund, a beautiful town filled with perfect examples of Art Nouveau architecture. If you travel in summer or autumn there is a fjord experience to behold, during the winter we fascinate you with our expert-led lectures about the aurora borealis, the northern lights.

Day 3:Kristiansund - Rørvik

The architecture and surroundings in Trondheim create a beautiful and almost-mythical setting, whether you are exploring the city by foot, bike, or boat. Kayak on the river Nid and into the city’s smaller channels, or take a guided tour to discover the city’s most striking features.

Day 4:Brønnøysund - Svolvær

The Arctic Circle marks the border of the Arctic region. In summer this means 24-hour daylight - often referred to as the ‘midnight sun.’ During fall and winter, being above this degree of latitude gives you the best chance of experiencing the northern lights.

Day 5:Stokmarknes - Skjervøy

Get ready for a day full of exciting activities, whatever the season! Visiting Risøyhamn, Harstad, Finnsnes, and the capital of the Arctic, Tromsø, you can join several excursions such as whale watching, Husky dog sledding, polar history walks, mountain hikes, and kayaking.

Day 6:Øksfjord - Berlevåg

Enjoy the magnificent sub-Arctic landscape as we cross the 71st parallel on our journey towards the North Cape, the northernmost point on the continent. In summer, you might see herds of reindeer and campsites belonging to the indigenous Sámi people. In winter, experience the snow-clad valleys, the fresh winter air and your best chances to see the mesmerizing northern lights.

Day 7:Båtsfjord - Kirkenes

The vistas become more dramatic as we approach Kirkenes, just a few miles from the Russian border. This is Hurtigruten’s turning point, and the end of the Northbound Voyage. Kirkenes is known as the capital of the Barents region and the gateway to the east.